My New Year's Resolution for 2020 was:  Less thinking.  More doing.  
So, here I am.......finally DOING something I've wanted to do for a while.  I hope you like it!  


My backstory:

I'm a small town girl from East Tx, but now I'm livin in the big ol' city of Dallas.  I grew up a big Texas Longhorn fan, but I broke my poor dad's heart and didn't go.  Why you ask? Because I was young and "in love".  I'll let you guess how that relationship ended.  So, after deciding to stay close to home, I graduated from Texas A&M University - Commerce.  Go Lions!  After graduation, I bounced around from crap job to crap job just feeling all kinds of crappy about my career choices.  Still feeling extremely unsatisfied, I decided to go back to school.  To the University of Oklahoma I went!  Boomer Sooner!  This is where I truly fell in love with college sports: the games, the tailgates, the rivalries, the camaraderie, and yes.....even the outfits.  

But, I always had trouble finding the perfect shirt to wear to the games, and I don't always want to wear something with a logo on it!!  Fast forward years later, I still have the same issue.  So, I've decided to grab Bevo by the horns and provide those outfits I so long to find.  My goal is to help female fans everywhere dominate the fashion game while their team dominates on the field.  I'm hoping I can ease the stress of finding that perfect game day outfit so you can focus on yelling your face off until you have no voice.  And lets not forget looking good for the Gram!

So get your cute ass out there and GO BIG (insert fave university color here)!!

JJ Aubrey

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